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        Guangdong Lituo automation equipment Co., Ltd

        Contact: Mr. Zhang

        Sales Hotline: 18665717216

        Telephone: 020-31079935

        Fax: 020-31076026


        Mailbox: zhangging@litou668.com

        URL: www.rollingwithkritz.com

        Address: Almond altar town, shunde district, foshan city, GaoZan Village Gao Gui Lucy 2 no. 1 # 3

        [2017-06-28]Operation rules of sticker machine

        Sticker machine is a good cover film equipment, automation equipment is relatively high, with the effect is also very good, do not use with other equipment, a detailed understanding of the rules befor...

        [2017-06-28]What reason is the paper sticking on the sticker machine wrinkled?

        Stickers machine equipment overall veneer is relatively smooth and smooth, the use of stickers equipment can produce a variety of color furniture paste panels, stickers machine paste paper is wrinkled...

        [2017-06-28]Countermeasures for common faults of overlaying machine

        Veneer machine is a good paper machine, although the structure of veneer machine looks relatively simple, but its processing efficiency is still relatively fast, but also can adapt to different sizes ...

        [2017-06-28]PUR hot melt adhesive machine before production notice

        Veneer machine structure is simple, but its production efficiency is very good, production can also adapt to different sizes of paper requirements, then, in PUR hot melt adhesive machine before produc...

        [2017-06-28]What is the effect of cellular machinery on cellular packaging?

        A tray of honeycomb paperboard pallet and pallet, light weight, also have high strength, can be used as an ordinary flat tray and single tray, can be made into a post pallet structure.Two cushion cush...

        [2017-06-28]How to operate and pay attention to honeycomb machinery

        Different single-sided machines require different pressures and upper glue clearance settings, and the best use is to guide manuals and trainers from suppliers. However, a general principle is that th...

        [2017-06-28]Honeycomb mechanical paperboard, strict production management

        Honeycomb paperboard is a unique structural process, and it is a famous representative of bionics. It is a kind of paper product with strong stability, good pressure and good cushioning property.Honey...

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