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        Guangdong Lituo automation equipment Co., Ltd

        Contact: Mr. Zhang

        Sales Hotline: 18665717216

        Telephone: 020-31079935

        Fax: 020-31076026


        Mailbox: zhangging@litou668.com

        URL: www.rollingwithkritz.com

        Address: Almond altar town, shunde district, foshan city, GaoZan Village Gao Gui Lucy 2 no. 1 # 3

        Why choose light insulation partition board?

        The ten advantages of the lightweight insulating partition board are as follows:

        (1) environmental protection

        The use of raw materials does not contain harmful substances, no radioactive a class products, in line with the national G/T169-2005 standards.

        (2) fire prevention;

        In the high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius, the refractory limit exceeds 4 hours, and does not emit toxic gases, non flammable performance reached the national A-level standards.

        (3) moistureproof and waterproof

        Experiments show that, without any light wall waterproof finish case with cement bonded into a pool filled with water, the back light wallboard can keep dry, leaving no trace in wet weather is no condensing water. The panel of the light partition board is a professional waterproof board. It has good waterproof and dampproof properties. It can be used in the wet area such as kitchen, bathroom and basement.

        (4) heat insulation;

        Light partition board manufacturing process, decided the good heat insulation function, let your indoor environment more comfortable.

        (5) sound insulation

        With good sound insulation effect, the effect of noise in line with national residential noise requirements, much higher than other brick wall sound insulation effect.

        (6) increase the use of housing area;

        The light partition plate is divided into an inner wall and an outer wall, and the partition board of the inner wall can fully enlarge the space of the house.


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