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        Guangdong Lituo automation equipment Co., Ltd

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        Sales Hotline: 18665717216

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        How to adjust the operation of the coating machine?

        How to adjust the operation of the coating machine?

        In this age of mechanization, any work is done using machines, but for the wrapping machine, if there is a quality problem in use. Well, do you know how to debug? Your first response is to shut down the machine and debug it. But the mechanical involved too many products. If stopped, the entire production could be scrapped. And in the face of such a thing, do you know how to debug the coating machine?

        Debugging of woodworking cladding machine:

        1, the location for the profile: take a good production profile, requirements: not bent or distorted, on the bed on a conveying wheel, according to the profile width, shape and coating requirements, adjustment between the two rows of the conveying wheel distance; adjustment by foot and platform width and height, which is suitable for coating profile requirements installed on both sides of the guide wheel; the conveying wheel is parallel to the direction of movement and profile.

        2 、 press wheel installation and adjustment: according to the profile of the profile to install and adjust the small pressure roller, generally choose profiles central line or section, the outline of the main curve of points or low, along the contour line by point transition, rolling. Compound the profile with the diaphragm. Installation of small pressure wheel to make the line force balance, about the same time. There is a press wheel, the bottom must be installed support wheel, make the line up, down, left and right force balance. Otherwise, the line will appear at the junction of false and so on. The large plane can be crushed by the small pressure wheel from the center to the two sides, and the small pressure wheel 3 will gradually rotate at the 90 degree corner. The shape of the complex lines, small pressure wheel should be arranged naturally, can not be forced to shape. In particular, decorative paper should be more natural and smooth.

        Application of coating machine 3, rubber box or roll coating system

        The cold box operation method:

        Unloading of rubber box: the rubber box is lifted up smoothly and the rubber box is naturally separated from the platform.

        Adjust the thickness of the adhesive layer: adjust the thickness of the adhesive layer by turning the lifting bolts at the lower sides of the rubber box.

        The roller coating device use:

        Can adjust the coating layer thickness on the rotating shaft frictioning plastic box. Turn the adjusting handle, turn clockwise, thicken the rubber band, turn counterclockwise, and make the adhesive layer thin. Until the coating is even.


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